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Be Exclusive, Be a Member TODAY :)
Hie Sweeties :)
We are happy to inform you that now you CAN be a 3verlasting MEMBER and ENJOY privileges EXCLUSIVE to members ONLY! Ain't that GREAT? :)

Here are some examples of the privileges mentioned:

DISCOUNTS off selected items (which means you get items at a LOWER price compared to NON-members!)
FREE postage (Pos Ekspres & Pos Laju)

Members-first PRIORITY [e.g.: if you and a NON-member wanted the same item at the same time, then priority will be given to you since you’re a MEMBER :) ]
Just look out for Member’s Privilege under the selected items to check which of the above privileges you’re entitled to :)
So, HOW do you become a member, you ask? Easy-peasy ;)
You can either:
Buy 3 items and above at ONE time, AND
Spend RM100 and above in a single purchase, OR
Join the Shopping Buddy Promo [for further info, read below].

**Shopping Buddy Promo**
How it works:
Introduce TWO or more friends to 3verlasting and get them to buy an item EACH of ANY amount. Then, ask them to mail us saying that they’re your friends and you’re automatically a MEMBER! :) OR

Introduce ONE friend to 3verlasting and get her to buy an item of ANY amount while you buy 2 items of ANY amount, and you’re instantly a MEMBER! :)
So, wait NO MORE and SIGN UP today by mailing to !

#p.s: Membership privileges are NOT valid with ongoing promotions UNLESS otherwise stated.

Much Love,
3verlasting (: